About Us

Dent Enterprises, Inc.

Dent Enterprises, Inc. is branded house of companies focused on transforming our communities, one family at a time. We provide education, training and support for families to help them achieve stability through strong healthy relationships, a workforce ready mindset and home-ownership. We also help create wealth in undeserved communities through targeted redevelopment and investment efforts and partnerships.

The mission of Dent Enterprises is to change our communities by transforming the economic and relational landscape within them. We will accomplish this by ​re-purposing underutilized real estate while preparing families to occupy these homes through intentional supports around parenting, workforce readiness and personal growth and development.

Our Why

We help make change possible by…

Shifting the narrative to one of empowerment and self-efficacy

Providing the educational supports that families need to make both internal and external change

Developing materials and educational opportunities for families and community organizations to help sustain change

Empowering families to take control of their financial destinies and begin to build wealth through home-ownership

Experienced Professionals

Your Coaches and Founders of Dent Enterprises Dr. Charles and Jabaria Dent, currently pastor The City of Grace Mobile in Mobile, Alabama and have six children–Jessica, Meagan, Chelsea Christopher, Sharayon and Kennedy– and two dogs, Lady and Carter.

Dr. Charles Dent, CEO

Dr. Charles Dent is a licensed Mental Health First Aid trainer, coach and therapist with over 30 years of experience helping to develop people at all levels to maximize their purpose, cultivate their calling and develop and deploy their gifts in the marketplace. A veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, Dr. Dent has dedicated his life to serving others and helping them reach their full God-given potential. He has authored numerous books and articles and currently serves as the Community Outreach and Engagement Coordinator for Veterans Recovery Resources, a non-profit based in Mobile, AL focused on removing barriers to mental health care and healing for military veterans, first responders and their families. 

Jabaria M. Dent, COO

Jabaria Dent is an educator, trainer, and human resources practitioner with over 25 years of organizational management, entrepreneur coaching and business strategy development. She served as the founding Director of Personalized Learning and Career Technical Education for ACCEL Day & Evening Academy, Alabama’s first public charter high school in Mobile, AL. While there, she coached the winning team for TechStars Mobile Startup Weekend, sponsored the school’s first Career Tech Student Organization, Future Business Leaders of America and helped launch the school’s first student-run small business, ACCEL Coffee Bar & Cafe.

A Dynamic Duo

At their core, the Dents are passionate about transforming their community, one family at a time. In partnership with ACCEL, they developed programming for at-risk students to help build social-emotional resiliency by tapping into students’ gifts and talents and redirecting their energy towards entrepreneurship, spiritual development and community service. Their work was recognized in 2017 and again in 2020 as they are two-time grant recipients of the NoVo/Education First SEL Innovators Award.

They have presented at Alabama’s MEGA Conference, Education First’s national SEL Innovators Conference and numerous school, faith, and community based organizations around the country, helping to build capacity and social-emotional resilience in both educators and the students/families they serve.

4 Companies – One Goal

Dent Enterprises, Inc. is branded house of companies all focused on creating real and sustainable change in our communities. ​We have three corporate entities–New Level Parenting Academy, The Complete Thinker, LLC and Power 2 Create Wealth (P2CW) Real Estate Development and Investments.

Each company is focused on helping to support our families, create stronger economies in our community and transform the landscape of our neighborhoods through intentional educational and development opportunities for families and community organizations seeking to help serve families.

The New Level Parenting Academy

Our parenting academy is dedicated to helping parents coach their children to success, and giving them the tools to be successful at school, at home and in life.

Max Out Coaching with Charles Dent

Our Coaching System offers performance coaching for individuals and organizations to help you maximize your potential and live out your God-given purpose in life.

The Complete Thinker (CT), LLC

All of our books, speaking engagements and workshop division that brings all of curriculum content and knowledge to your church, business or organization.

Power 2 Create Wealth (P2CW)

Our Real Estate Development and Investments division, partnering with Community Development Corporations to transform economic landscapes.

Let’s Get Started

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