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Your NEW LEVEL PARENTING ACADEMY COACHES and Founders of Dent Enterprises Dr. Charles and Jabaria Dent. Together, Dr. Dent and Jabaria, currently pastor The City of Grace Mobile in Mobile, Alabama and have six children–Jessica, Meagan, Chelsea Christopher, Sharayon and Kennedy– and two dogs, Lady and Carter.

Charles Dent

Charles Dent, PhD is a husband, father, church planter, pastor, author and teacher with over 30 years of ministry leadership experience. A veteran of the United States Marine Corps, Dr. Dent has traveled all over the world and made it his mission to help people have authentic encounters with themselves and with Jesus Christ.

God has used him to plant churches and serve in ministries on 3 continents, across 9 countries/U.S. Territories. He has witnessed congregational/organizational growth from 25 to over 1,000 members and has helped people all over the world through his books and teaching.

Dr. Dent has four published books and has written/contributed to numerous curricula on leadership and growth in both ecclesiastical and secular organizations.

Jabaria Dent

Jabaria is a wife, mother, pastor, facilitator, psalmist and worship leader with a passion for people. Her background in human resources and education blend to make her a dynamic facilitator, lecturer and speaker adept at taking heady concepts and making them come alive in our everyday life.

She possesses over twenty years of ministry experience and has worked in both the corporate and non-profit sectors in program development and implementation, workforce training and development and consulting.

A former corporate HR practitioner, Jabaria is adept at helping organizations rethink their “Why” and align their business practices to their core values. An experienced program and project manager, she has managed multi-million dollar payrolls and projects across a number of industry sectors.

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