42: Becoming a Powerful Person of Patience

42: Becoming a Powerful Person of Patience

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Learn how to connect to your purpose by being patient. Join Dr. Charles Dent as patiently walks you through 6 weeks that will transform how your perceive and process people and situations that test your patience.

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Not just another devotional…

This book will change the way you see the world. With fresh Bible insights and practical, down to earth illustrations, Dr. Dent takes you on a six week journey that will transform you and help you tap into a source of strength you did not even know you had! Each week has a different focus, from evaluating our relationships to rethinking our words. Thought provoking questions conclude each day’s reading and there is room to journal your thoughts as God speaks to your heart.

Perfect for small group study or church-wide series, 42 will literally help you improve relationships and effectively navigate everything from rambunctious children to annoying co-workers and five o’clock rush hour traffic with a sense of calm and peace.

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